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Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) & Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)

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Why do we focus on general & standard brushless DC motor?

What`s the general & standard brushless DC motor?

  • Based on standard size series
  • Based on generality & Interchangeability Principle.
  • Based on customer requirement.
  • Motor parts comply with Standard, generality & exchangeability.
  • General & exchangeable of integrated driving circuit and component.
  • General & exchangeable of motor production line, equipment and fixture.

Standard and generality brushless DC motor advantages

1、Technology maturation,stable property

2、Save customers development leadtime,product costs

3、High matching,applied to multi-field

4、Reduce largely development leadtime of customers,purchasing and supply

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Hengdrive Brushless DC Motor Comparative Advantages

BLDC Brushless DC Motor:

1.Meet national industrial policy-oriented of energy conservation, environment protection ,low carbon.

2.Replaceable brush motors and AC induction motor in performance and cost .

Honeywell household and consumer products...

Purchasing general standard B3640M-002 A, Standard size 36 X40X4..→Learn more

  • Portable outdoor, field use
  • Portable outdoor, field use
★ Shenzhen Hengdrive Electric Co., ltd is the leading R&D and manufacturing corporation of standard and general brushless DC motor (BLDC)&PMSM Motor of China.
★ The registered capital is 10 million CNY with a total investment of 80 million CNY.
★ We have 12 standard series of inner rotor BLDC motor with diameters of 16,22,24,28,36,42,56,68,90mm and 12 standard series of outer rotor BLDC motor with diameters of 16,20,24,30,37,41,42,44,60,70,92,120mm.Power from 0.1W to 1000W
★ All of them are made with built-in driving controller and standard & interchangeable interface.
★ We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, as well as the strict TS16949 certification of the automobile industry and CE;we also award the certificate of Country HI-TECH.
★ We in the dome...